Data for

With the highest quality and most scalable identity & intent data, Command Precision has built a suite of solutions to help marketers, advertisers, agencies and brands throughout the campaign lifecycle.

Data for Identity

Gain Unique Audience Insights

Take the guesswork out of how to reach your audience. Translate observations into actionable targeting strategies through in-depth analysis of your target audience and how they behave in the real world.
In-Depth Consumer Analysis

Improve your marketing strategy with unique insights about target consumers. Explore demographic characteristics and behavioral propensities, and discover the places, chains and business categories they frequent. Uncover differences between your customers and the general population, or those of your top competitors.

Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customer’s path to purchase, including the places they visit before a point of interest, and how long they stay at a target location. Inform your marketing strategy with insight into visitation patterns by time of day and day of week.

Inform Creative and Messaging

Leverage behavioral and demographic analysis to tailor campaign creative and messaging while delivering contextually relevant advertising to your target audiences.

Data for Products

Build Targeted Audiences

Build customizable, highly-targeted audiences based on historical patterns or real-time behaviors. Deliver more relevant advertising by targeting new customers, engaging existing customers, influencing competitor’s consumers, and more.
Identity & Intent Based Audiences

The way people behave on properties can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. Command Precision analyzes user identity and intent data so you can target users based on their real time behavior.

Engagement Analysis​

Understand your customer’s engagement across properties, including the places they visit, how long they visit and where they convert. Inform yourself with the analytics on engagement driven within products and solutions.

Extended Attributes

Identity and Intent data is are more than a point of interest. Receive context on properties through core attributes like address, time of activity , category, and more.

Data for Marketing

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Connect online marketing campaigns to offline results for measurement and attribution by using identity and intent data to understand more about what drives consumers to products and services.

Measure the effectiveness of your entire media buy, including mobile, desktop, video, search, and social. Gain unified insights into which channels drive better performance to inform future targeting.

A/B Testing

Compare and contrast performance by creative type, device or channel to determine what has the greatest impact on driving audiences to your properties.

Campaign Optimization

Leverage real-time, comprehensive reporting to continuously monitor campaign performance. Easily adjust campaigns mid-flight to optimize the effectiveness of your strategy for driving visits and conversions.

Measure Lift

Integrate online visits data into campaign metrics to effectively measure the impact of your campaign on driving consumers to your properties. Define the control and exposed groups for lift analysis customized to your specific needs.

Data for Analytics

Make Data Driven Decisions

Enable smarter, data driven decision making and gain deeper customer insights by using identity and intent data to analyze consumer behaviors, track online exploration, build profiles for specific interest areas, and more.
Understand Customer Behavior

Get to know customers on a realtime level. Track and analyze customer online exploration to make business decisions based on their real time patterns and behaviors.

Market Analysis

Understand the makeup of a online exploration locations by evaluating the surrounding areas of interest. Determine attributes like average time of activity, areas of interest, abnormalities, and more.

Data Cleansing

Normalize your existing data, remove duplicates, populate missing attributes, and map to Command Precision records with the same technology we use on our own data. Work with tools that are built for online data and significantly outperform unspecialized data cleaning software.