Data for

With the highest quality and most scalable identity & intent data, Command Precision has built a robust suite of products to help marketers, advertisers, agencies and brands get the maximum value out of first and third party data.

Deterministic Linkages

Build Targeted Identities

Build customizable, highly-targeted identities on individual basis by using historical patterns, real-time behaviors, and intent signals. Deliver more relevant advertising by targeting anonymous users, existing customers, competitor’s consumers, and more.
Real Time Identity Linkages

The way users behave on online properties can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are. Command Precision provides these identities back to marketers, advertisers, agencies or brands for precision in advertising campaigns and identity resolution.

Identity Based Audiences

Understanding what a user has interests in on deterministic level compared to a probabilistic level can make all the difference on a sales conversion. Identify users and understanding what online properties they are interested in to deterministically target the correct user.

Extended Resolution

Leverage Command Precision’s Identity and intent data to further enhance and extend your current identity resolution or reach.

Audience & Intent​

Deterministic Audiences & User Interests

Connect audiences and intent signals to users identified across online properties. With precision and an identified user Command Precision does this on a deterministic level as apposed to a probabilistic one.
Identity Based Audiences

Right message plus right time plus right person—multiplied by infinity. Identity based audience targeting, measurement, and personalization becomes possible at scale with precision by using identity resolution.

Performance Comparison

Compare and measure performance by audience and intent type, device, or user to determine what has the greatest impact on driving consumers to your properties.

User Intent Signals

Leverage identity to follow a specific user or consumer to build audiences and campaigns around their real time intent signals as they navigate across online properties. Easily adjust campaigns mid-flight to optimize any audience changes in a users tracked interests.

Activation & Targeting

Data First Decisions

The speed at which you use customer data makes the difference between delivering experiences customers want or outdated and irrelevant messages they do not. Command Precisions continuous real-time activation and targeting allows you to target the right people at the right time, reducing ad waste while dramatically increasing the relevance and return of your ad spend.
Target Current Customers

While identifying and targeting anonymous users is important, don’t forget about your current loyal customers who have been with you from the start. Tailor campaigns around current customers to drive multiple conversations from the same user or a prospect who has been identified and shows interest.

Real Time Targeting

Command Precision’s real-time identity, targeting and activation means you can engage the right customers at the right moments while suppressing duplicate and outdated audiences — optimizing engagement and your ad spend. Sometimes, less is more.

Customer Database Growth

You already have good customers. Connect with them in more places. Command Precision’s identity platform continuously updates the data being passed as new data enters or leaves the system, enabling dynamic audience building and timely media activation.